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Rob Radcliffe was born and raised in Lancashire, England. He is a fiction author and novelist, and newly formed bloggist (it’s catchier than blogger). 


Spending the majority of his days with his head in the clouds, he will sometimes come back down to earth just long enough to turn those daydreams into stories by actually writing them down.

Rob writes across several genres, ‘Lad’ Lit (which would be chick-lit’s naughty younger brother), Satire, Thrillers, and Sci-fi/Fantasy.

Despite his appearance in his head shot, Rob also comes in colour…and usually with both ears.

Rob’s books are a mixture of coming of age testosterone, action, humour and general silliness.  A great place to start would be at the beginning of each book, he feels they work better that way.

He is currently writing the following series...

The Lad-Lit Series follows friends Greg,  Stu, Bradz and Phil through their relationships, breaks ups, highs and lows.  Told with a sardonic smile these novels capture gritty realism and lad-lit at it's best.

The Divine Chronicles has been Rob's most challenging work so far.

Leaving 'the funnies' alone he delves into a world of contemporary science fiction (sorry, no spaceships and aliens here) and covers human evolution, religion, life, death, family and immortality.


Weaving myths, legends, real life historical figures, places and times into the narrative, he has created a world readers can't get enough of.  


 The Reluctant Writer Series  is all Rob, usually ranting about the kids,  and life in general, he doesn't hold back and says it like it is...


The Mr. Millionaire Novella Series was always going to be a stand alone short story until readers wanted more.  Now it is a planned trilogy. 


As well as a few standalone novels, Rob is planning to write a thriller series soon, the first of those novels has the working title The Assassin's Game. 

For up to date news and release dates of his upcoming books, sign up for Rob's Reader's Club Starter Library.  There he promises not to refer to himself in the third-person like he has here.

Rob loves, I mean I love...sorry, spoilt the third person facade there at the end...I love to hear from readers like you so please contact me, even if it's just to say hi.


I love hearing from my readers so please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


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