Author Rob Radcliffe keeps the made up scribbles to a minimum in this culmination of two years worth of blog posts.

Join ‘THE RELUCTANT BLOGGIST’ tackling the delights of early morning children and dieting without potatoes, as he wades into the murky waters of publishing his novels and the backlash this can have with disgruntled ex-girlfriends and their friends.



Rob Radcliffe is back for his second outing, keeping it real and talking about his life, kids, and why Pets@Home refused to sell him a dog cage once they worked out it was actually for the children to “play in”.

From the disgruntled mind that brought you RANT, Rob talks about the differences between the kid’s routines when single as apposed to having a “mother figure” around, why parents’ should do us all  a favour by dying while we’re still young enough to enjoy the inheritance, and why the kids of today will never understand how good they’ve got it because they never had to be force fed school brewed semolina.

Rob keeps it light hearted and very un-PC as he continues to battle the ever changing world in which he lives in, a world gone mad where it is the children who rule the household and there is nothing parents can do about it.

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