Life From The Lad's Point Of View

Readers often tell me how much they adore the worlds I bring to them through my writing.  I am always humbled by their kind words, and now, so that you might jump into one of those worlds, I am offering the first three books in The Lad-Lit Series as a discounted boxset


The Lad-Lit Series Boxset

For the first time ever pick up the first three novels in The Lad-Lit Series at a fantastic discount.

With Checking Out, Meat Market and Escorting Eric, you'll struggle to keep the giggles on the inside as the proclaimed king of ladishness unleashes three dry witted, gritty, tender, outrageously funny tales of love, loss, and singledom.  






Things aren’t going well for Bradz, stuck with a girl he loathes in a town he hates, he is lost.  He needs to get out, needs something more..

And then he gets the opportunity of a lifetime, to go and live half way around the world in Cape Town.

Will this be that something he has always been looking for, and do they really have lions chasing zebras down the main roads, tribal warfare around every every corner, and all live in little mud huts?

It’s time for Bradz to check out of the world he has lived in and venture into the unknown.





Reluctant Lothario.  Unsociable Chameleon.  Newly Single


Left jobless, womanless, and even dogless, Greg finds himself at a crossroads in his life.  Fortunately, Greg's best mate Stu has come to the rescue.  Now it's Stu's job to lead Greg down the path of enlightenment, where woman swarm by their hundreds and will pay for Greg's company.  Welcome to the Meat Market, where everything has a price, even love.



A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Escorting Eric is Rob Radcliffe’s hugely anticipated sequel to debut novel Meat Market and this time it is Stu’s turn to tell the story.


Stu’s best mate Greg has just been dumped and Stu has taken it upon himself to show Greg the way back to singledom.

This is Stu’s calling.

The professional male escort has found a protégé to mentor.  Stu though has problems of his own, juggling his work escorting women all over the globe and trying to keep his bride to be happy, a bride to be who has no idea what he does for a living.